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With a vividly realized setting—Brooklyn in the 1970s the story is sharply written, inviting deep empathy from readers, who will find universal truths in this compelling tale of a single family." – Booklist


“[An] evocative debut… What readers learn in Rorke's moving, bittersweet story is that hard realizations are often necessary on the road to discovering one's true self.” 

– Kirkus

Irish America

An easy read, but one you’ll want to pay attention to, and perhaps revisit the first section after finishing the epilogue.


“Car Trouble” is a wonderful read, deeply felt and the work of an expert writer. Take the ride.


"Another win for Brooklyn"

Stanford Magazine

Rorke’s debut novel is clear-eyed Brooklyn nostalgia, a welcome portal to the 1970s.

New York Post

Looking back at the Flatbush where i grew up

K-Earth 101

Radio interview with Gary Brian


Narrated with humor and a rueful awareness, Car Trouble is an exhilarating novel about acceptance, regret, compassion, and finding your authentic adult self amid the rubble and rumble of growing up.

This is Happening

Podcast with  Nathan Streifel and  Eric Morris


"A charming, self-destructive Irish-American father takes his family on a troubled joy ride."

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